Nicole Tovey


An antipodean, adventure seeker, hiking enthusiast, shoe addict, serial laugher, certified personal trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach, who happens to be a Partner of a law firm. Life is BANANAS, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Leaving Australia for the paradise of Bermuda, it was here that I began resistance training. My thirst for knowledge served as the catalyst to explore the competition world where I have competed in both fitness and currently bikini IFBB divisions, and further undertook my coaching qualifications.

Keeping active is a vital outlet from a demanding career and I take pride in teaching others how to achieve a balanced healthy lifestyle. Witnessing the evolution of someone’s self-belief and motivating them to push their boundaries to become stronger, healthier and more energetic at any age or level of ability – is the greatest feeling!

Juggling professional and competition life is tough; and a healthy mind is as equally important as a healthy body. I am honoured to enter the Arnold Model Search and to proudly demonstrate the same passion, work ethic and strong will that has made Arnold Schwarzenegger a pioneer of his time, not only as a bodybuilder, but as an actor, investor, politician and much more.

The event will allow me further to inspire particularly young women, to dream big, take chances, be open to opportunity and pursue goals with conviction.