Contest Guidelines

Competition Details

There are 2 rounds to the Arnold Model Search.

Online Round: Registered models will be set up with a profile page on our website, where they can encourage members of the public to vote for them.

Finals round :
A live, on-stage event at the Arnold Classic Australia, hosted on the JayBird Main Stage in the Expo – Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The registration fee is $100.


What We’re Looking For

The Arnold Model Search seeks to discover and reward up and coming “fitness models” through the combination of an online contest and a live event. The competition is open to males and females over 18 years of age.


Model Pack

All models will receive a special pack for participating in the Arnold Model Search! This will include:

* FREE entry to the Expo for all 3 days.
* A complimentary single-day Expo pass for a friend or family member to come and watch you compete.
* The Official Arnold Classic Australia Souvenir Program.
* Arnold Classic Keyring.

Your pack can be collected from the Registration Desk in the Concourse at the MCEC any time on Friday 17th March 2017.


Photograph Requirements

3 photographs need to be provided in the application phase. These photographs must be free of advertising or watermarks, and must not require third party approval. We will not accept selfies. You may submit sportswear photos, but no bikinis or posing trunks. If you have formal/evening wear shots, these are also advised to be included in your application. Photographs must be in good taste. G-strings, nudity or lingerie will not be accepted.


Judging Criteria

Men & Women will be judged online by submitted photos and bios. Physique Criteria Online and on stage includes, but is not limited too the following:

* Overall presentation of contestant’s physique – bring your BEST to the stage!
* Poise, glamour, physical conditioning, aesthetics, and athletically toned physique that is not overly muscular, hard, or over conditioned.
* Fitness Biography reviewed for overall lifestyle, challenges faced, conquered and inspiration contestant conveys through words. (150 words or less) The judges decisions will be final.



The competition attire for FINALS will consist of two outfits;

1. Fitness wear
Female: shorts/booty shorts or tennis skirt, with a crop top and sports shoe.
Male: Sports shorts, (no trunks or board shorts) and sports shoe.

2. Evening Wear
Female – Dress of your choice with heels.
Male – Jacket, pants and button down shirt of your choice (Tie optional)

All attire to be any colour and style of your choice. We encourage you to let your individuality and personality shine through! Tanning, hair and make-up is completely up to the model and their chosen look. If you are competing in another competition that requires tanning (for example, as part of the IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur Competition) this is fine. You will not be marked on your tan.


Fitness Wear - Male Evening Wear - Male Fitness Wear - Female Evening Wear - Female


Online: voting is done via Arnold Model Search website for each country. Voting determines stage order. ie most votes, first on stage. Least votes, last on stage.

Finals: Live on stage in front of a judging panel.


What Happens on Stage

We will be installing a runway on the Expo Main Stage at the Arnold Classic Expo for the Model Search.

The competition will consist of 3 rounds, your Sportswear Round, Evening Wear Round, and Top 10 Finals Round.

You will walk on stage when the presenter introduces you by name. Once in the centre of the stage, you will walk down the runway to the end, turn around and walk back to the stage and into a line-up along the back wall.

At the judges signal, you will then exit the stage as a group, and prepare for the evening wear round, which will be performed in the same fashion.

You may choose to perform 1-2 or poses at the end of the runway before turning around. There are no regulations for posing, this is at your own digression and should simply be something that matches your personality and look. The competition is a model contest, so we are only expecting you to be able to perform a catwalk/runway walk.


Top 10 Final Round

If you are selected in the top 10, you will appear on stage again in your evening wear. From here, the judges will select the top 3 and overall male and female winners.


Stage Presentation

The Arnold Model Search is unlike any bodybuilding competition, as there are no specific requirements for the model walk. The Expo Main Stage will be altered for the event to include a catwalk. Just like your outfit, your walk and posing is entirely up to you! We encourage you to embrace your individualism and flair – get some inspiration from modelling runway videos and fashion shows. Here are a couple of great examples!