Brad Newton


To me, life is one big adventure which I love crushing.

I studied hard to achieve a Bachelor of Science and later enrolled into flight school to study aviation and achieve my pilot’s licence. I’m a keen scuba diver where I’d love to go back to Mexico to do more cave diving.

Last year, I climbed an active volcano in Chile (with a gas mask), played polo in Argentina, finished the 96-km Kokoda trail, trained and applied for the Australian Ninja Warrior TV show. I’ve also done freediving, about to do a fitness competition under INBA in March, and the 42-km Spartan race in June.

It never used to be this way. I was formally out of shape, miserable and had a junk food addiction. I was also in and out of hospital with illnesses. I turned my body around, launched a fitness/adventure YouTube channel to help and inspire others, and I have grand plans to climb to the top of Everest.

This is an opportunity to spread my passion for crushing life and show people what is possible when you fuel your body like a race car!

Instagram: @SeekFitLife

YouTube:  SeekFitLife