Benjamin Henzgen

Benjamin Henzgen

I was a high school music teacher for five years, a butcher for three years, a fisherman in Alaska, a chess champion, a truck driver for three years, a published teen poet, a construction labourer for nine years, raced a solar-powered car I built at a national competition, worked for CSIRO in a secret science laboratory, served in the US Navy reserves in the Nuclear Engineering program, worked on a bison farm in Iowa, performed at jazz festivals on multiple continents, I’m a qualified firefighter in both Australia and USA, a qualified Emergency Medical Technician, and an internationally published photographer.

Next I’m going to become the greatest long-distance cyclist in the world.

A modelling career will fund my cycling adventures while I procure a documentary contract to chronicle my upcoming world records.
World Record ‘Fastest to circumnavigate Australia on mountain bike 2015′ 14,134km 61 days 11 hours.

I would like to use this platform to assist in launching my modelling career.

I also want to meet Arnold so he can point me in the correct direction for creating a film about my long-distance cycling adventures and world record attempts.